Is the leading company in Iraqi aesthetic market, distributing a well known aesthetic products and laser machines brands.
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“Eblal was founded in 2009, the headquarter is in Baghdad, specialized in trading aesthetics, dermo-cosmetics and medical appliances. Eblal was the first company in Iraq that has provided the doctors with aesthetic laser machines from the best brands worldwide. Eblal has been leading the aesthetics market in Iraq for the last TEN years and has become an expert in it. Eblal’s aims are providing high quality products from highly respected brands to the clients, and remaining in the forefront by investing in the human resources and research.”

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We have built our name and reputation throughout the last ten years through the trust that it was created with the manufacturers as well as the clients. we always keep our promises to all of our partners and always exceeds all of their expectations, this what makes the best companies in the globe keep doing business with us and consider us as their golden standard in the region. In addition to around 1,000 clients in Iraq who consider us the best go-to option in the aesthetic market. We have achieved all of success by being very committed to the highest standards of business integrity and ethics and based on our shared values; authenticity, commitment, honesty, respect and team work.


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Al-Ameerat St., AL-Mansour, Baghdad,Iraq
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