InBody is the global leader in the body composition analysis industry with world class technology advancements.
In ealy 1990’s during his post-doctoral position at Harvard Medical School, Dr. kichul cha, discovered that the results of bioelectrical
impedance analysis (BIA) were fundamentally inaccurate. He pointed out how different body parts have different levels of impedance; to accurately
analyze body composition,the body would need to be analyzed by seqments instead of as a whole.


with accurate results and abundant measurement outputs, the InBody770 is premium body composition analyzer which is used for medical research, patient’s monitoring, sports medicineand so on.Many of the world’s famous hospitals and doctors are using the InBody770 as research tool as it is providing plenty of parameters which can
be used as a research source.



The all-new InBody270 is now more elegant and premium than ever before.Its silhouette, combined with clean lines and high-class design elements,provides a
sophisticated user experience.


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