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Our Aesthetics Solutions Brands


REVITACARE is a French Laboratory, founded in 2003, specialized in research, design, manufacturing of medical devices based on hyaluronic acid, dedicated to aesthetic medicine and cosmetology to prevent, correct the skin aging and treat hair problems.


Croquis® is a facial thread made from Premium PDO No. 1 from Korea. Sagging skin and more wrinkles? Stay cool! Pulling the Croquis thread helps tighten your skin. Croquis will be completely absorbed by the body and can last up to 12 months.


Silhouette Soft® is a non-surgical innovation that refreshes the look of the aging face by tightening key aging parts of the face and neck. It is done in a simple and minimally invasive way, with minimal downtime.


Lanluma is a non-surgical treatment that requires minimal downtime, enabling you to return to your daily activities after the procedure. Lanluma gives beautiful and natura-looking results that will appear gradually avoiding sudden dramatic changes in your appearance and PLLA, Lanluma’s main ingredient, provides results that last more than two years.


Perfectha is a line of resorbable hyaluronic acid (HA) gel implants intended for reconstructive purposes in the treatment, for instance, of facial lipoatrophy, or morphological asymmetry associated with the aging process or other underlying conditions. Perfectha is for intradermal and subcutaneous application and is implanted in the areas of the face and hands to fill skin depressions and also for the augmentation of tissue volume.

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