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Our Dental Brands


Durr Dental is German company which considered one of the global leading brand in dental equipment, imaging and hygene.


The Swiss brand Bien-Air Dental is the worldwide leaders manufacturer of superlative quality micromotors, contra-angles, turbines, handpieces and so much more.

Ora offers a neat selection of endodontics. A sterile NiTi instrument with gold heat treatment that rotates continuously at the beginning of treatment to eliminate the coronal constraints in order to reduce stresses on the glide-path and shaping files, hence decreasing the risk of instruments fracture 


Global Surgical Corporation is US based company that is manufacturing extremely high-quality and fully made in the US Dental Microscopes that offers premium experience to all dentists.


Anthos, Italy's leading producer of dental units, provides products designed to ensure all dentists have a model that suits their individual working style. For over 60 years now, an extensive product range, outstanding design, officially recognised quality and excellent performance have made this brand a popular choice with dentists worldwide.

Dental HI TEC is a French manufacturing company that has a patented electronic injection device which offers  fast and painless dental anesthesia.

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